We where reading some research done in the US recently by VSplash which shows that 98 is the magic number. Well not quite but their survey found that 98% of SMB’s ( Small and Medium Business) do not have an optimized mobile presence. A result all the more shocking as consumer adoption is now racing towards 50% with most customers searching on the web through mobile looking to take action quickly.

VSplash’s survey further found that,

78% of SMB’s do not have a privacy policy, meaning they may not be indexed by search engines.

44% still have no contact number on their homepages. Click to call is standard on all our apps and mobile sites.

The question for SMB’s is no longer if they will have a mobile strategy but when, developing a strategy is now no longer cost prohibitive with business’s such as The River Consultancy , why not join our increasing band of early adopters, small business owners who realize they can develop an additional income stream through their mobile strategy.

Her at the River Consultancy we always offer perspective clients a free preview and clear costings to insure the decision process is an easy one for them.