Is your WordPress admin , slow to load when using woo commerce, especially when editing or adding products? Well if you are using Divi and finding this to be the case, here is a quick fix that will that will solve the issue quickly for you.

If you have the Divi Builder active on your product pages, this will affect the site loading on the admin side. If you are using the standard woo commerce pages, you do not need to have active and can switch off. If you have built or your developer has built a custom product page, that page is stored in the theme builder and it is ok for you to switch off that setting.

How do you switch the setting off, well that is easy,

  1. Go to Divi on your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Click on theme options.
  3. Click on page builder.
  4. Click on builder and then post type integrations.
  5. Toggle the product page section to off.

Save your settings and that is it! your WordPress admin will no longer be slow to load on your product pages.

This fix will solve your slow loading issues on WordPress and Woocommerce if Divi is the cause, sometimes your sites admin can be slow for other reasons, hosting or outdated plugins for example, this article takes you through some other troubleshooting steps you can try if Divi is not the issue for you.

Unsure of how to switch off these settings or update your settings in WordPress admin? we provide a website maintenance service for WordPress sites, click here for more details.