WordPress Website Maintenance Service

We manage your WordPress maintenance so that you know your site is always up to date, secure & running correctly.

Our Maintenance Service

Managing a website can be time consuming and sometimes complex, It is key to keep your WordPress website updated to insure your website is secure and performing to its best.

Not alone can it save you money by , not having to deal with website downtime & the reputational damage a hacked website can bring. Our service insures your site is updated and backed up to cover these events.

What We Cover


Wordpress Updates

WordPress core updates are looked after for you. As your site is always backed up we can roll back if there is any compatability issues.


Theme Updates

Keep your theme updated with the latest version. Saves time and money by avaoiding downtime when multiple updates are needed.

Plugin Updates

Plugins need to be kept updated, both for security and to insure that they work correctly.

Back Up's

We set up back ups on your cpanel or plesk if allowed and we keep seperate back up’s away from your server.


We scan your site multiple times a week to insure there are no issues. If we find one we will fix it for you.


We monitor your wordpress website for vunerabilities and its uptime. A great way to insure your hosting account is performing.
Wordpress Maintenance Services

*Please note your site will need to be the latest version of wordpress with the current theme and plugin version and licences to order these services*

If your site has not been updated in a while, just drop us a line and we can arrange a quote to bring your site up to date.

*We are unfortunately unable to offer these services to sites that run custom made themes & plugins, please contact us directly if you are having issues with this type of website*

Need Additional Services?

If our maintenance plans do not meet your wordpress management requirements, we can provide additional services or offer plans with additional hours

If you are having issues or need to make changes to your website,  just use the form below to let us know your requirements & we will get in touch with a solution for you.

Need a Fix or Custom Plan?

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