Seeing A Fatal Error The7 Theme Unable to Access Your Site Admin

If you are running the7 theme and unable to access your WordPress websites back end, it is being caused by a plugin you either have not installed or not updated called the7 elements. You will recieve an email from your WordPress site you will need this to proceed with the fix.

The7 Elements plugin installed

If you have the plugin already installed,

  1. Click on the log in link contained in your email.
  2. Go to plugins and update the elements plugin.

That will resolve the issue you are having.

The7 Elements Plugin Not installed

  1. Click on the log in link in your email
  2. Once you have accessed the site, press button to exit recovery mode.
  3. Go on the left hand side to the7-plugins
  4. Install and activate the elements plugin.

That will resolve your issue. The plugin on sites we have seen was never flagged as a must install when released, which has most likely the reason why a large number of sites are affected this weekend.

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