WordPress And FTP

You have either used a WordPress or Theme forum or sought advise on a problem with your website, one of the things you may have seen in the responses is to use FTP, here we have a short explanation and video and how to connect to your wordpress website using FTP or SFTP.

FTP or SFTP is short for File Transfer Protocol ( the S is for Secure) and is a way through a program connecting to your server for uploading files to your server. If you have a problem on your website or if your file is to big to upload through WordPress itself this is a very important tool to understand how to use.

When managing a WordPress website it is a great skill for the site owner to understand and use and it is also the starting point for troubleshooting and resolving issues that can happen from time to time, such as problem plugins or white screen or your WordPress site.

In our video we are going to look at how to connect to your wordpress website using either FTP or SFTP.


As you can see there are only a small umber of steps that you need to go through to gain access to your site.

Steps To Use FTP

  1. Pick and download an FTP program, to download CORE FTP click here , if you want to Download Filezilla click here .
  2. Enter your hostname, look for this in the welcome email from your webhost.
  3. Enter your ftp username, check your welcome email from your host.
  4. Enter your password, again you should have received this from your host.
  5. Choose which port 21 for FTP or 22 for SFTP
  6. Connect you your website.

If you are with a web host you uses cpanel or similar you can set up FTP accounts though that if you have lost your welcome email or extra accounts if giving access to the likes of a web developer.

Website Management Service

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