WooCommerce will be rolling out a new database structure shortly, it is expected that the new system will roll out some time in August 23. Called high performance object storage, the feature will be able to significantly increase the checkout process for orders according to Woo. anything that enhances the customer experience on a site is obviously very welcome, with all new systems and updates it is important to check compatibility with your own website.

WooCoomerce have said that when they role this update out, existing stores will not automatically have the feature switched on, for new stores launched after the update the feature will be turned on be default. WooCommerce is a large ecosystem, with great extensions available to build out the functionality of a website, with all new major updates, not all extensions will be working with it straight away. On existing sites however, it is easy to check your own likely conflicts.

  1. Go to WooCommerce Settings
  2. Click advanced
  3. Click features
  4. At the bottom of that page, you will see an option to turn on the new storage and a warning for any incompatible plugins.

We would imagine as the date for launch gets nearer, more of the major plugin providers will be releasing compatible versions.

As always, when doing updates, make sure you test on a staging site first to avoid conflicts taking down your live site, if you need help managing your WordPress website, we offer a WordPress Maintenance Service, click here for more details of our services.