Our Clean Up Service

Wordpress website hacked? are there strange files, re directed URL’s and warning from your web host about email activity?
If so don’t worry, it can be fixed. Ideally you have followed wordpress best practice and have site back ups, if not again don’t panic it can be sorted.


What We Do

We go through your website and identify the suspicious files, we will remove or replace them as required.
We will update your plugins, themes and wordpress core. If you are using premium plugins or themes you will need to have an active subscription so we can access latest files.
We will change any admin passwords and change names if it is an easy to guess one.
We will install Wordfence with a valid years premium subscription.
We will also put you on our maintenance plan free for 1 month, so we can monitor your site and make any additional changes.

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Avoid Getting Hacked

  • Keep site Updated, if you don’t know how or do not have the time your can order our update service here
  • Use strong passwords and usernames, don’t have usernames like admin and passwords that contain your name, pets name or personal information
  • Schedule regular back-ups
  • Install a security plugin such as Wordfence, IThemes Security or similar

Follow these steps and you will have gone a long way in protecting your website.