Theme and Plugin Folders

In our last video we looked at how to gain access to our WordPress files on our website using FTP or SFTP. Most of the files on your installation are one’s that you will rarely or never have to work on. Two files that govern the site set up and rules wp-config and htaccess we will look at in a later video.
In a lot of troubleshooting on your WordPress site you will be asked to disbale your plugins folder or a particular plugin as part of the process in finding what is causing an issue on your website.
We have produced a short video of where you can find these folders, we are accessing our sites folders through FTP/SFTP so if you are insure, just have a look at our last video here.
It is a simple process once you have logged into your site’s root folder.

  1. Connect to you site via FTP or SFTP
  2. Once you are logged in look for the wp-content folder
  3. Click to enter and there you will see your plugin and theme folders.

Video WordPress Theme and Files Folder

In our next video we will show you a quick trick to knock off plugins without having to delete them.

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